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A Short Trip to Kundasang Town only 8KM away

Kundasang Town
Kundasang Town

Kundasang town is the closest town to T Paradise Chalet. it is approximately 8KM away. It would take roughly 20 minutes drive.

Kundsang is the closest town to Mount Kinabalu and has panoramic view of the Mountain.

It has numerous amount of shops and restaurants where you can get all your essential needs.

Kundasang is renowned for its fresh produce market. Many of our guests especially those from overseas can buy their fresh food here. It is nothing better than cooking up a feast with the locally grown fresh produce.

Kundasang Fresh Food Market

You cannot get any fresher than this local fresh produce. You can buy these vegetable and fruits for a fraction of the price.

Kundasang Tamu - Every Friday

A quick stroll along the Kundasang Tamu is something that you do not want to miss out. You will be able to taste of the local food and drinks. There will be some local artist performing.

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