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Where to visit in Kota Kinabalu?

Are you still deciding where you should stay during your holiday when you come and visit Malaysia, Sabah?

We have the perfect answer for you.

If you are looking to retreat from the city hustle and bustle, looking for a large place to share with a large group of friends, family or even just for yourself, T Paradise will be the best location.

It is located in a secluded nature reserved forest of Kinabalu Park. It is 1650m above the sea level, average temperature of 24°C.

Still in doubt, you can see this yourself with the video clip here which was taken from the drone in end of Mar 2017. You will be amazed with the stunning surrounding, the serenity is something to die for with your company.

This perfect architecturally designed 3 bedroom 2 bathroom chalet is exceptionally good for your next vacation.

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