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Are you needing a break from your hectic life?

Have you been working so hard this year? Have you been thinking that you need a break from you busy life? Why not take a break? Plan a holiday with your family or friends.

Sick of going to holiday where you need to associate with the rest of the tourists? We have a best accommodation for you in the private, secluded natural forest reserve.

It is located a bit of a distance from the Kundasang Town but trust me it is all worth the effort to drive there and enjoy that serenity, the nature and the view of the impressive 4100m tall mountain Kinabalu.

Imagine that the 3 bedroom Chalet is surrounded by nature, the smell and the cooling climate that will calm your thought.

Do not wait any longer, please book with us to avoid missing out. you will be able to make your reservation instantly on our website. check it out

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